Paid fees on sale with membership

Hey guys, help me please. I’m paying the monthly plan where everything I sell under 50 doesn’t have fees.

I just sold 2 items. A dissolver for 39.99 and a heatwave for 9.99. My dissolver was fine and I paid zero fees but I noticed when I was approving my heatwave sale for 9.99 that I paid commission and digital fees and only received 8.99.

Not sure what happened as I posted both hear items only 30 min before they sold.

Code X9JP8H

Please advise


Assuming you have the Gamer Club subscription which has a Sales Cap of $50 and your Sales Used was $0, then your sale of a $39.99 and $9.99 item would result in $49.98 in Sales Used, which is under the Sales Cap and should have had zero fees.

Please check (“Gamer Club” bottom of that column) and see if you exceeded the Sales Cap before you sold the $9.99 item.


Thanks for the response. I forgot there was a cap. That makes sense. Oh well, glad the 40 sale went through anyway.



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