Bulk Giftcard Buyers Needed

Im Looking to work with a person(s) or/and a Company
on a type of giftcard or variety of giftacards such as Ebay,Itunes,Googleplay,Walmart,Vanilla,Homedepot, or any specified type of giftcard.I can supply bulk daily with a discount percentage range between 80% to 90%.You can mail me on Porschemims@gmail.com…Honesty is a requirement.End users preferably…Thanks

do you take hotels.com ?

Hello I need gift card lots brand

Hello guys,I have gotten a lot of mails from people who think i meant 80% to 90% off…Thats not feasible…My reviewed working rate is 25%-10% off which is between $75-$90 per $100 Giftcard…

Lets not be misguided


If it’s $75-$90 How much do I need to sell for to make profit ? I am just new trying to start selling on here . I know gameflip fees are 10% when digital but how much the withdrawal fees . Thank you . If I get things sorted out I’ll get with you to buy in bulk .

Hello @Techdude_S ,

Maybe this could help.

Fees are included in the link so you can check.