button to go back up our lists in the option of "most recent"

I was wondering what is the possibility of adding a button (bump) in each of our lists that have already been below and in this way to be able to compete with users who use API (sellers who publish 10 lists per minute). would help many sellers who are just getting started.

They should also allow you to create listings with whatever name you choose instead of just the preset items they allow you to post

As api users are shortening names of items to further bury the non api users.

I’m an api user myself so it is absolutely necessary to consider both those options for those that are unable to api spam.

Anyways good luck with your request they usually ignore this kind of feedback :upside_down_face:

Hello @Rick,

Thanks for the feedback! I will take this to the team and see what they think ok.

Hey @Noxcy!

Keep in mind that we do listen to our community and we do share what our users inform to the team.

What you informed regarding the listing name has already been sent to the engineers and is being discussed to find the best solution.

Stay tuned to future updates :wink:

God Speed! :trident:

I’m not saying you ignore all our feedback. There has been many times you guys listened to feedback and made changes, Don’t take my criticism as a bad thing, overall you guys do a great job.

My point earlier being spam related topics in particular is ignored and always has been ignored.

There is no reason people should be allowed to spam listings every 10 seconds it should be maybe a minute between lists so that the non api user can stand a chance as posting manually give or take is a minute per listing depending on how fast the user can do it and api users can post 10 in the time somebody not using api can post 1 maybe 2 listings. How is that considered fair?

That is my whole point here, to make the non api users stand a chance against the spammers. As everybody knows api rules gameflip and always will if changes aren’t made in spam speed.