buyer has received item and confirmed trade but on my end he has not (stuck on wait for acceptance)

buyer has received item and confirmed trade but on my end he has not, therefore i am not getting my money and he has my item he also showed me a screenshot to prove he had confirmed the trade, this is the case with 2 of my listings!!!

I’m waiting for a long time …
50+ sold item ‘’ Waiting for Acceptance ‘’
Please fix this problem.

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If you cancel a transaction a lot of times, the 'In Progress" process will take MUCH longer.

@Connor_Brown @Muhammed_K Were these Coordinated transfers or Bot transfer?

all item sold bot transfer.

I have the same problem, gameflip please fix this! I have my item stuck on waiting for acceptance for a very long time, and I cannot get my earnings from that sold listing! (My credit is going to expire T.T)

I have tried contacting the buyer, but he did not reply!
Item sold by bot transfer as well.

@John_Low @Muhammed_K Sorry again for the inconvenience, but we found out what the bug was and you should now start seeing these transactions being completed. It might take a little bit for the back-end to catch up, but should be good now! If you are still seeing this happen over the next few days, please let me know.

Thank you so much @BurTheFly !! I hope it can be fixed before my credit expires :slight_smile:

Please check them

Order #2281ff42-74b2-462e-8e6f-bd3f8600454e
DateJun 30, 2016

Order #df3c8f7b-ba14-4eb6-b027-0c9aab2e7ec4
DateJun 30, 2016

How long does the waiting for acceptance take I’ve been waiting 10 hours.

If this hasn’t already been completed, the general rule for Bot trades is that the Buyer has 1hr to accept the trade if the initial purchases wasn’t placed Under Review. If the purchase was Under Review and we needed to verify the payment, once we release the transaction, the Buyer has 24hrs to accept the trade.