Buyer Scammed me for PSN card

Buyer bought PSN gift card and after using the card, made dispute, I sent amazon receipt of PSN gift card and also sony support chat snapshot to gameflip, Buyer only have 6 feedback, and I have 62 feedback with verified profile, Still gameflip made the decision in favour of him.I need justice and also want to know is their any scam detection system.I am seller, I lost money and still I am afraid anyone can scam me like him.
Order ID
Buyer name: JaQuaylon Taylor
Please advise what to do in future to avoid these types of scam?


If you want to appeal to our decision, please open a ticket here and send us every piece of proof you can gather.

Open a ticket here.

In order to avoid further issues, please, try sending us the redemption time of the code as well.

Thank you.

I opened but no reply till now, and I asked with sony support, but they are saying they can’t tell exact time and date.

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