Buyer uses code and just disappears

I sold a game code for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and set the delivery method to Automatic once purchased, and the buyer has received the code immediately once the transaction was “successful” yet he has not rated or replied to my message confirming the code has been activated.

Order # is 4cc20e0a-4e56-4826-813735bf56f4f74c

How can that even be possible that I have to wait for delivery when the code is already in the buyers’ hands and I’m not even getting paid? I already asked the YouTuber who gifted me the key during a giveaway and he confirms that the key works (sponsored giveaway by Ubisoft themselves) I’m not going to ask him again for another key and get scammed twice by this buyer.

Did the buyer say the code didn’t work? If not, don’t jump to conclusions. There are all kinds of buyers, some are conscious and rate the seller after they receive and use the code successfully. Others are oblivious or just don’t care. They get what they pay for and don’t rate you. It isn’t entirely their fault. Many of the selling sites that have been around for decades doesn’t require the buyer to rate the seller. Most of the time they pay and think you have the money already. The rating your seller method is still a fairly new concept. This is what the 3 day count down timer is for, so that you get automatically rated after 3 days. I know 3 days seems like a lot and from the thousands of sales I made, I’ve had my fair share of waiting for the 3 day auto-rating, but this is to ensure the buyer has a fair amount to time to make sure everything works and they don’t get scammed.

Another thing to keep in mind is to have good communication with your buyer. When I get a customer who has no ratings, it tells me they are new and likely doesn’t know how the rating process works. While you have their full attention before delivering the item, let them know that they should rate you after what they purchased is delivered and good to go. You can also put in your description for them to rate you after delivery. NEVER ask them to rate you in advance. That is fraudulent and will likely get you suspended. Hope this helps! Cheers!

At least ModernRetro gave me some helpful advice. Thanks. As for you Prince, being as how ironic your name is; If your goal is to throw off a topic just because you’re butthurt by having your account suspended, and spreading your angst by trash talking on other people’s posts and being counter-productive; Get that sh*t out of my thread. Go rant on your own profile. There’s a reason why you get suspended. Piss Off, kid.