Can't log in to my old account

I have an account that’s over a year old, but I am not able to log in because I can’t receive SMS on the phone number that I registered with and am not logged in on the app. I made this new account and filed a support ticket, but it was closed without an answer. I had a few game listings on it that were expired and I wanted to remove, but the biggest issue is that now I can’t connect PayPal to the new account.

What is your phone number’s country? Right now Canada is having problems registering on the site. As for PayPal, you probably can’t connect it because it’s linked to your old account, so you may want to ask to use your old account instead.

You can private message a moderator after you have unlocked that feature. Give them the phone number of your old account or the invite code of your current.

The country is America, I just no longer have service. You were right about PayPal. I’ll message a mod as soon as I reach level 1.