Cant login to help center with my Facebook account


Hopefully somebody can help me.
I always login to my gameflip account with facebook. But when i want to go to contact support at the help center. I dont see Anything from open disputes and things like that. It seems they are not linked. What can i do about that? I allready mailed gameflip 10x but still dont have a correct answer. And i need help fast because somebody tried to scam and need to answer quick.


Can yuo send me a PM with screenshots of the issue you are facing so I can properly understand and help you further?


i cant send you a pm

Hello, please contact us at, thank you!

I did send you a pm now

The Help Center’s sign in is for the moderators. If you want to open a dispute use it on the Gameflip order page, and if that’s not working you can also use that function on the Android or iOS app.

But where can i check the messages about the disputes? Because cant find that. Thanks for your help

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Thanks for the replie.

But where do i find the messages about my open disputes? Cant find that nowhere

Outlook voor Android downloaden