Cant loging and i cant contact support please help!

I really need help as i cant login to my account as it comes up please contact support but then i cant because it doesnt let me login and so i try doing the reset password and when i press to send the emial it does nothing and i really need help as i had quite alot of money on it and by the way this account im on isnt my gameflip account as i said i cant login but my username is fifa19coins but i cant find out my invite code as i cant get into the account what shall i do?

Are you logging in using the website, the iOS app, or Android app?

What is the exact error message that you saw (if there were any)?

When you make a support ticket, in the invite code box put in “AAAAAA”, then in the description, tell the full phone number and email address that you used to register on Gameflip so support can look up your account.

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ok so i was trying to login on ios app which i do everyday and the exact mesage was “please contact customer support via menu > Help > Contact support
sorry for any inconvenience.”

Is your iOS Gameflip app the latest version ?

Are you using WiFi or mobile data? Could you try both?

Are you able to log in using the website? What error message does it say there?

on the website it just says Login Error.
and if tried both wifi and mobile date

and its all up to date yes

but when i use mobile data it just comes up saying login failed

then it says that other message

Please make a support ticket like I wrote in above post:

Check your email inboxes again in case there was a forgotten password email. You could double check your username and password when typing it out in the login screen.

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nah im not recieving the email and i had it on remember password so evertime i normally go on its filled with the details and i just press sign in and it goes on but today it wont let me and coming up with that message

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