Cant open gameflip app

Every time i open my app i get msg that there is no network connection, while i can open it on the web normally, also reinstalled the app 2 times and still facing the same problem

That user interface looks like Android Jelly Bean (4.1 - 4.3). Can you go to your phone Settings page > About phone and tell me what the Android version is?

Currently the Gameflip Android app supports Android 4.4 and over.

Virsion 4.4.4

I think you have to upgrade your Android OS to Android 5 or later. Even though it’s supposed to support 4.4, I think it’s not true for all phones because TLS 1.2 is not well supported in 4.4 or older Android phones, causing the cryptic “Network Connection” error. Lots of companies recently update to support only TLS 1.2 for better security.

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well im on the latest system update version on my device, that is mean i have to change me device to a better device ??

Have the same issue here. Using a Galaxy S5 running on 4.4.2. Worked fine last week, as of thursday it stopped working.

I strongly recommend you guys to upgrade your device.

I’m an Android user myself, and afaik, other apps might stop working soon as well.


Lol yeah trust me i would if i could afford to :confused:

Can you update Android to version 5? Version 4.4.2 is too old, and I know quite a few security upgrades no longer support these old Android versions.

@Metallica @Frank_Cassel

Please try the 1.27.1 version of the app and see if you can log in now.

perfect works

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