Confused on something

I’m confused on why the app says I’ve sold a total of 28 items, whereas if I go on the website, it says I’ve sold 25. Is this just a bug or does the website only count the amount of ratings received and the app counts the amount of items I’ve sold?

If needed, my profile code is: 6HDQHR
Sorry for any late replies in advance, I will be going to bed here as I need to get up early tomorrow. I just wanted to ask about this because I keep forgetting to ask about it.

I think the top screenshot shows number of ratings as a seller and the bottom screenshot shows your total ratings as a seller and a buyer. You might have bought three things and the sellers gave you positive ratings.

Oh!! Yea, you’re correct. I didn’t think about the seller reviews merging in with the buyer reviews. Thanks!

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Yeah honestly it doesn’t make much sense to do that since buyers only really care about selling ratings of the seller and ratings for buying aren’t displayed on the profile anyway.