Coupon no. Longer valid again after 37 mins of receiving it

This is great just received a notification 37 mins a go saying a coupon code for the weekend 32% off upto 3 dollars guest what same thing as usual no. Longer valid only Friday not even the weekend a joke that is


The ol’ bait and switch. Time for someone with more free time than me to contact the FTC.

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Wasn’t bait and switch. I used the coupon, I used the last 5 or 6 coupons. Coupons are usually posted to twitter first.

They arent obligated to hand out coupons ti every user, nor are they to keep coupon codes valid for a certain period of time. Theres already a ton of good deals on here. $2-$3 off shouldnt be that much to get upset about.

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I am not upset its the principle says weekend offer but ends before weekend even started

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Just redeemed the code now. It worked.
Try again brother

Well not working for me creature’s is the code


I used the coupon after the app notification. Thats how I found out about it.

The codes WORK but you have to be quick as they’re limited ! End of…

Not bait and switch. I got the notification via the Gameflip app and redeemed. You just got to be on it as soon as you get the notification.

Code was working this morning. I tried it on one item (it worked) but didn’t really want it, so I went looking for something else that I wanted, and by then the code was dead again.

Then I tried again 30 minutes ago and the code was working again, so I quickly made a purchase. :slight_smile:

Can anyone share the code with me, please ? i want give it a try


There are many websites that offer discount codes but I really don’t know where to get them. Some people pointed me to a website that offers coupon codes but I really don’t know if it’s any good. Anyone know please help me.

I’m going crazy hearing that

They like to use codes to drum up business but they limit how much they give away to maximize profit. Makes sense from a business standpoint, but definitely grates on consumers, myself included. Trouble is they know they have a monopoly on a lot of the gift cards people buy on here. Most other sites have much lower discount rates (e.g. raise), making them useless. And gameflip knows it.


If you’d like info on the latest codes, me and some other people post them here: Any New Codes ? - #469 by fudge_u