Currently in China: No access to my account

Hi Gameflip, I am currently on vacation in China until the 18th and didn’t know that I couldn’t login to my account here. When I make attempts, it freezes and doesn’t load the Google login page since YouTube/Google is not allowed here. My main purpose for logging into my account is to let my customer(s) know I am not available to fill my order and will be back on the 18th, if they are ok with that, I will triple the quantity of their order and if they aren’t, I will cancel their order to give them a refund. I do not want it to seem like I am a negligent seller with no communication or care for his customers.

How should I go about this?

Try using any Vpn to change your region so then you should be allowed to log in


Thanks for the advice. How do I change my VPN on my phone and laptop? I tried doing some research and online forums have said it is hard to find a stable one and most of the time you have to pay.

Just search “VPN” on appstore or playstore. The free one’s will most likely do the job for you.

edit: I don’t know if gameflip has some kind of safety feature that will lock your account when trying to login from a different Ip address far away.

Hey, i don’t know if this might work for you as well as It did for me but, i was using a VPN called “ZenMate VPN” and you can download it through the Chrome web store (I did it from there) and it worked fine for me. If you can’t download it from there, i think there’s a few options from Softonic.

That’s the only one i used to use and was okay. You can still search for a better one if you want

As suggested by our fellows here, try using a VPN service like Tunnel Bear. It works well on the phone, but feel free to experiment other apps. You can also find online reasonable guides on how to set up a VPN on your phone.