did gameflip stop banning people now even if they break the rules

  • as i do wanna start this i did know many store and people from form here who did get suspensions for lifee for much less rules breaking and a lot of people around here also did, but this store here so far i did see him break a lot more rules than most people with 0 consequences, as this frustrating me as i do remember gotten at 30 suspension before for gameflip saying one of my listing was a game preview while it’s was a full game and many people who did get banned here for a lot of reasons but after noticing the comment delete thing this make me think is this guy can do what ever and as it’s not fair for any of us who do respect the rules here ‘’ ElPipiRomagnoli ‘’

  • if any of the mods here can check this.

  • and as i do know no one can delete comments but gameflip support but just 2h after his reporting for asking and and accepting and providing each other there contact info to contact outside gameflip, that those last 3 comment were deleted, as u can see in pictures, as i do know many store who did break this rules trying to contact outside of gameflip or ask for people account are banned forever as many people here in forms get banned for that but this guy did both and more stuff and nothing.

  • as u can lokk at the time first pic at 13:18 and 2 pic is at 15:50

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I am not sure about others but I can’t really see the picture clearly. I do notice that the last 3 comments were removed though as you wrote.

I highly doubt that happened because you have contacted Support since it has been 2 hours only. They get a lot of tickets everyday and they usually go by order(Ticket ID). If they have not replied you, that probably means that they have not read your ticket yet. If they haven’t read your ticket, it probably means it got deleted due to personal details exposed under comments on listings. I’m sure they have some sort of detection for that.

You can check the last activity to see whether they have started to look into your ticket.

Yes, contacting Sales out of Gameflip if their selling on Gameflip will be suspended.
Regarding your title, Gameflip did Not stop banning people who break rules. It just doesn’t happen right away once you submit a ticket to them.

Did it happen ASAP after you listed that full game? If it did, then you should also contact Support regarding that. It might just be an auto detect thing if it happened right after you listed that. Just contact Support regarding that since it was a full game, not preview.

I understand your frustation. Just to clarify again, he will get perm suspended as long his conducting sales outside of Gameflip but you cannot expect it to happen right away. You have to give Support some time since they get so many tickets everyday.

Do note that they do not come on daily and therefore you have to be patient. You should also message them directly regarding this so they will probably see it right away when they come on.

And again, Gameflip did not stop banning people who break rules.

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