Dispute for $270 under review for 5 days


does anyone know why a dispute would take more than 5 days to sort out.
I bought a tw apex for $270 on rocket league xbox 5 days ago and the seller marked it as shipped and started arguing with me in chat.

I disputed the sale and have not received anything from gameflip. i have no item and i have no $270.

What is going on?

Hi, please be patience, dispute has timer countdown itself and you both parties must submit the evidence, i recommend you escalate the dispute as you didn’t receive the seller’s item, disputes normally take long either you are in queue or moderators have difficulty resolving your both issues, no worries as long as you have evidence that moderator asking you will be likely to win on dispute!

Chill and relax, happy trading


To add on from adam, you can submit a request to Support regarding the order/dispute. Put order ID, screenshots etc.

You can also give the order ID, relevant information in a DM to DarkKnight/Majortom on forums (Eg. Profile code. No personal Info) or just tag them here. Once will do. They might be able to help you check if their free.

Escalate dispute.The money is held by Gameflip during dispute period, not by seller so you do not need to worry about that part.


All worked out in the end

Hello @TonyMunchkin,

Glad that your issue was solved.

Hope you have an awesome day!

God Speed! :trident:

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