GameFlip taking weeks to reply to a dispute

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Order ID; 218fe2ee-2588-49fc-a5a8-77ba6af61fc2

On July 17 I bought a heatwave for $20 on Rocket League Xbox One. Instead of the guy giving me the item, he shipped the item but didn’t give it to me. I opened a dispute against him and its been 12 days since GameFlip stepped in to help resolve the situation. Does anyone know how long it takes to resolve a situation like this. Its not fair because their gaurantee is that I either get my item or a full refund.

A moderator should be able to help you with the information you provided. But please do not close the dispute as this will finalize the purchase.

Ok, thanks


I was able to answer your ticket.


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Hello @DunnBiscuit can u plz answer my pm ?

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