Dispute, user not responded at all - ticket created.

Created a ticket already and had no response from staff.

Invite Code: KKR9BS
Order ID: f6155e73-400d-4dab-9e4a-de56a22cfefd

User is not responsive at all and has no previous purchases/sales, time waster who is trying to scam.


As I checked, this issue is already solved.

Let me know if you have any other questions or issues,


can u please open the dm we had i wanna talk more

if u don’t remember https://forum.gameflip.com/t/phone-number/16036/10

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@DunnBiscuit can you please im going to be kicked out of my hotel i just got fired

i can’t pay next rent

my life depends on it


I’ll be checking the PM as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Its a old pm i sent u the link just re-open it pls

I checked it. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do regarding your suspension.

I’m sorry.