Division 2 private beta codes

Selling : Division 2 PRIVATE BETA codes
Platform: Multi-platform
Region: Region free
currency: pounds (GBP)
actual price: 1.5 + 0.5 (paypal fee) = 2
Payment : through paypal

** i am a new seller on this forum, but i can provide proof of successful legit sales on reddit, if someone is interested in buying PM**

selling beta codes are prohibited

Beta codes/account selling

The sale of beta codes, accounts and account sharing is strictly prohibited on Gameflip. Doing so will put your account at risk for suspension

If the product you are selling is a copy of another work that you aren’t authorized to copy, don’t list the item. Beta software, test software, and evaluation software are not permitted on Gameflip. These are pre-release copies of software distributed by software developers strictly for the purpose of evaluation and troubleshooting. Distribution of such copies violates the software developers’ copyrights. You need to obtain the manufacturer’s consent to sell this kind of software

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