Beta codes or pre order bonuses.

Hey there… a few weeks ago I was warned because I sold some key/codes to access the beta of a game in order to get some pre order bonuses. People bought it because you can’t get the pre order bonuses without paying for the game itself, so I was selling them until I got a warning that selling beta access is against Gameflip terms of service. So I immediately delete my listings because I truly had no idea at the time that selling beta codes was against the terms of service.

But my question here is: beta codes and pre order bonus is the same thing to you guys? I tried to send an email to support but they only said that a beta code is a beta code period. But people selling the exact same item as me, have been doing it for several weeks now. The only difference is that I tagged it as a BETA ACCESS and they are tagging it as PRE ORDER BONUS. Any help would be appreciated it!

Hello @Mago6246,

In this case, if you need to provide a Beta Code for the user to redeem the pre order bonuses, then yes, this is considered Beta Code and we do not allow the sale on Gameflip.

Now, if you were only selling a code for the user to redeem the pre order bonus, then there would be no problems.

If you find other users selling these Beta Codes, please provide me their profile links here, so I can verify and remove the beta code listings. They might be trying to hide the fact that they are Beta Codes and I appreciate you for informing us this is happening. We want to make the marketplace as fair as possible to everyone, so sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you.

For doubts regarding what is allowed to be sold on the Gameflip platform, please check the following link:

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So that solve my question and beta codes and pre order bonus are indeed same thing in this particular case. Thanks for solving my issue, I will keep in mind next time when I sell those codes. Appreciate it thanks!

@DarkKnight Hi there.

Does the restriction also apply to (for example) a bundle of games, to which a user would add a beta code or a pre-order bonus as a “free item” or “free gift” for purchasing the bundle?


Not a problem @Mago6246!

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Hey @Carey,

In this case, if the bundle you are selling was created by the publisher of the game and inside this bundle a Beta access is already included than no problem.

As an example of this I’m going to use the game Rogue Company, which has paid bundles and as part of the bundle, a beta access is included.



So it is allowed if you are selling a full Game code that includes a bundle and inside the bundle there is a Beta Access already included.

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Thanks for you detailed reply I really appreciate it!

Definitely clears that up for me.

Thanks again!

Hello @Carey,

Not a problem at all :wink:

I’m glad to help!

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Hey @Hazen_Danforth,

I have answered your question in the following topic:

Also, feel free to contact us or the support team using the link below when you need help ok.

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