The Seller is Sketcy / Scammer

So I bought Minty Codes from this guy -

The seller want me first to complete the purchase before he send me the code lmao

Seller name: Fortlord


@DarkKnight @MajorTom

Hey @SirPerseus,

I checked and the user has already been suspended.

Thanks for advising!

God Speed! :trident:


Thank you for the fast respond tho <3

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I need to make a post to ask about a bad code sent to me. I have overwhelming evidence but according to the help section I can not escalate it until he responds. If the time runs out without me escalating it the funds are awarded to him. Seems like I can’t win. I really would like to open a topic where I can ask the questions I have but no where can me,or my wife, see a place to open a topic. It is relevant to this topic but really I need to open my own

Hello @Hazen_Danforth,

Thanks for getting in touch.

In this case, if the seller does not contact you within the 5 days, after opening a dispute, the order will be automatically cancelled. As informed in the following Help Center article:

But keep in mind that if he does reply, but still does not resolve your issue, I recommend escalating the issue to the Support Team ok.

God Speed! :trident: