Buyers dispute.

I bought a item for 45 dollars ( used a coupon code to save 6) and he said he has delivered the item and he never gave me it and so I put it under dispute what do I do now?

Escalate and wait for @MajorTom

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Hello Fire_Gaming,

Can you tell me your profile code, listing ID and ticket number so I can further check it for you?

Ok here is the very question I need answered. How do I escalate? I have no idea why none of my replies have been approved but I only want to know how to post so I can learn how to escalate. The help says he has to respond first. He has not said anything the entire day. Not one word. So what do I do.

Hello @Hazen_Danforth,

On the following topic, I have answered you regarding your issue and on the same Help Center article I provided, there is more information on how to escalate the dispute ok.

God Speed! :trident:

@DarkKnight Hi boss , pls check your Dm

Hello @lylyboss123,

Sorry for the wait.

I have answered your DM.

God Speed! :trident: