Still on dispute

Hi , ive buyed a in-game item . And the seller wont deliver or cancel the buyed item ( Item: Sunbeam Crystal | 100x (ID: 2ed00b2e-0922-455d-81d8-9c28b3a44096). Ive Made a dispute of it 7 days ago but still its on dispute , can you pls help me to cancel it. My InviteCode: 93819W.

I just answered you, thanks!

I have two request to cancel but the seller hasn’t looked at it. Do I have to wait three more days to get my money back. His cards were defective, none redeemable. @DunnBiscuit
Invite code XD49NE

Hello, please open a dispute regarding your purchase.

To do so check the link below:

The support team will be able to help you further.