Buyer Bias (In response to a recent sale)

I recently sold a Nvidia Geforce access codes but I assumed it was okay as there have been countless other sales of this item… So the person who bought my code got to not only use the code that he did pay for. He also got all of his money back leaving sellers empty handed. There really should be some compensation for products that the buyer did receive and also got a refund for…

Othewise why don’t I just buy all these nvidia access codes and request a refund and win? This can be heavily abused. Please rethink this…

Those are still BETA Codes and selling beta codes is not allowed here. Read this


You are selling BETA Codes on Gameflip, which is a clear violation of the Terms and Agreements you signed when joining this site as a seller.
Now they have every right to terminate your account. If I were in your shoes I would take those out of sale ASAP.

Also when you see someone selling BETA or random codes/games, you should warn them that they can be banned because of it (or you can just report them).
I usually just warn the seller and it is enough for them to take the items out of sale, so I think it’s just as effective as they don’t seem to do it out of bad faith, but rather from ignorance because they didn’t even read Gameflip’s FAQ.

Ah So I should go around buying all of them so I get a ton of these priceless beta codes and I get em for free? Sounds like a plan to me :wink: (See what I mean this can be heavily abused)

if you were to stoop to that level, you are as bad as those scammers. You have clearly violated the rules, which Wayz have posted the link, and if you see any similar beta codes listings you can help leave a comment to remind them that they’re violating the rules. On my opinion, Gameflip has every right to give it a win to the buyer as it is a beta code.


Selling “priceless” (more like worthless) BETA codes is null and void and if the very owner of the software knows about it, they have every right to cancel the access code <= and this makes all the difference, dropping your “abuse” argument to the ground, since the codes can easily and legally be cancelled.
In some cases not even the free transfer of the right of use is allowed or legally permitted for BETA codes, now imagine the onerous transfer of the right of use!

And even if you’re negligent enough to not read the ToA to which you signed for and lazy enough to not want to read the FAQ, when you put your item for sale there is also a CLEAR message near the “done” button that warns you: “Selling prohibited* and counterfeit are against the law, and we do not allow such items on Gameflip. Additional requirements may be required to list or sell in certain categories”.
*BETA codes are inside the “prohibited items’ list” to which the word contains a hyperlink to.

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