Don't buy from aka Mikeee

I bought a digital movie code from him and he failed to mention that all of his movie codes are Canadian. As I asked to have another code from him that is American. Despite me not using it or being able to do so I opened a dispute and he didn’t do anything stating that it was my fault for not checking and two it was sold so it can’t be refunded. Like really? I have dealt with much my h nicer people about it in here and for him to flat out be like your loss makes me not want to buy anything from him in the future. Just wanted to give a general warning.

Just to be fair, did he mention anything in his entire listing that it’s Canadian? Either in the title, table or description?

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He said it was and to be fair in the same line I didn’t read the description as maybe I should and further more do so. Thought when he told me this upon after purchasing it and he straight up was like tough luck. Yes he provided info to maybe, I stress MAYBE work it that I could but in the message said I had to make a new account on something have a Canadian address and then try it. he could have been nice be like next time be more careful or something instead of like the policy says once sold you’re s.o.l kinda thing.