People buying wrong currency and then disputing constantly

What a waste of time. I even add the currency and region in massive capital letters in the title, yet somehow people keeping buying them thinking they’re USD cards and then immediately disputing, despite the completly accurate and clear title and description.

Well, it is not your fault but their’s. You should win the dispute and believe me dont trust anyone if they want to cancel the order.

Please post your invite code and order id so a mod can help you. @DunnBiscuit

Thanks :slight_smile:


Ahh, well I just refunded them and then used the codes myself (to avoid any chance of getting scammed), but I’ll keep in mind for next time. I don’t see how I could be any more obvious in what country the codes are for. :joy:

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:joy: :rofl: damn, didnt expect that. People are really dumb. Good job for using the codes (that is the point i want to reach by not canceling the order)

Bro the maple leaf is on the card itself. :joy:
I swear i am dying :rofl:

Put Canada’s flag. Maybe some people doesnt understand the maple leaf.

I guess some ppl see the 50% off on the top left and go omg i need to buy this xbox USA’s code that has a huge saving before anyone.
I still dont understand how people can buy something without full looking at everything first.

Lucy :heart: