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This user is advertising their Discord server to me when I only asked when they’ll have robux in stock. Isn’t that against Gameflip’s TOS or is it just the advertisement of discord usernames?

User’s profile: ULTRA CHEAP ROBUX - Gameflip

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Yes, it is not allowed to advertise/give their Discords (Usernames, Links etc) on Gameflip
Could submit a ticket to Support Submit a request – Gameflip Help
or DM staff

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Ight thanks, created a ticket :+1:

Salut j’ai mon compte banni pour vente d’armes glitché, j’aimerais savoir s’il vous plaît comment je peux récupérer beaucoup d’argent qui étais sur mon vous en remercie d’avance

Hello @Leonidas3413,

Please contact the support team using the link below to get your issue verified ok.

God Speed! :trident:

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