Banned Due to False Allegations

My profile code is 2UFAAQ. I sell Animal Crossing items on this platform. I was banned on November 29th for conducting sales outside of Gameflip. After contacting support (ID 729745), I was told that my buyers reported me for conducting sales on Discord. This can’t be true because

  1. I do not have a discord account
  2. This was all the proof that Gameflip support could offer me

Anyone with an ACNH game can create a discord account with a similar name, screenshot something like that in the ACNH, file a report, and thus frame me. I am unsure of the depth that Gameflip went into to verify this allegation, but I myself know the truth. I am honestly astounded by the lengths that people on this platform are willing to go to ruin something that’s supposed to be fun. I have been nothing but kind and accommodating to every single customer I have and this is the kind of treatment I get.

At this point, I don’t know what to do to prove that I do not own a Discord account nor conduct any sales outside of Gameflip. If I don’t get this resolved, at least I am able to let others know just how ridiculously easy it is to report someone and to start being more careful on this platform.