"Your Gameflip account has been suspended" False Accusation Thread.

Never thought I’d be seeing this kind of notification today… or ever, but here I am. Falsely accused of something. Whoop! Happened right before selling two physical items that I just sent out today as well. Solid!

My Account Name: GG (Member since August 2016)
Feedback Ratings Score: 128 (128 Good/2 Neutral/0 Poor)
My Profile/Invite Code: GF22KK
Gameflip Reason: “Asking users to rate the transaction before sending the item/code”

You’d think that if I actually did what I’m being accused of doing & lying about it now, I would’ve been caught almost 2 years ago from SOMEONE? ANYONE could’ve just reported me? I’ve seen newer accounts get suspended in weeks for this action, including some accounts I’ve personally reported. The PSN category for example is infested with this nonsense currently.

Statement: Sent this to customer support, & now made an account on here to continue my defense of a completely false accusation. I just received an email not even 5 minutes ago from customer support implying that my account has been “suspended” due to “Asking users to rate the transaction before sending the item/code”, which is complete & utterly false. I’ve NEVER once asked for a rating for ANY transaction I’ve done on Gameflip. (Before delivering an item digitally or physically)

My 128 good ratings & 2 neutral ratings (since August 2016) that NEVER asked buyers to rate before receiving a product should be more than enough proof of that. Also, I’ve been regularly selling & buying items on the website more than usual the past few months, all with 100% satisfaction ratings (Recently sold enough on Gameflip to stop holding my funds for 24 hrs. after a successful sale). This is wrong, & furthermore, even more unsatisfying considering I have been reporting accounts that do this daily on the website continuing to do so.

I hope this is resolved sooner than later, because without a doubt if I was ever reported for engaging in this scam, it’s either by mistake or someone purposely doing so for their own amusement. This was sent to customer support & also looking for more reasoning here as well as to why this would happen.

I’m honestly disappointed, this website has been something I’ve regularly used since making an account in 2016. Out of completely nowhere & with zero warning or information about reports on my profile, I get “suspended” with funds in my wallet & items I just shipped out for more future funds I might never receive for something I never did. That’s okay apparently. This whole event might’ve completely hindered me from ever selling on Gameflip again, but I’ll have to see how this process plays out or get clarification on how this happened.

Can’t even notify them. Just literally sold these items days ago & got it shipped today.

I’m currently investigating your case. I’ll answer you via ticket as soon as I have an answer.

Thank you.