I got banned from the Animal Crossing Mariet

I got banned from the Animal Crossing Market for duping, glitching, hacking, or modding when I have done nothing wrong. We are a group of people who play the game and gather resources and stuff to sell. We can even send pictures of our consoles I don’t know why we got banned for this reason :confused: I don’t know if there’s something we can do to solve this. We also had around $250 Dollars on our account that we can no longer withdraw :confused:. Thank you for any help. My gameflip code used to be 53ET51.

Sorry man… thats tough. When gameflip ban someone it is always with a reason. You said you’re in a group rite? You or the owner of the account is responsible for your group if 1 person in your team is hacking or duping. If you take pictures of your consoles it just proves you own the consoles lol c: Not trying to be harsh, when someone break gameflip rules they will say i didn’t do anything wrong.


We are family, we all live in the same house and I’m the owner of the account, it has my name and credentials, what I’m trying to say is that we do not hack or anything. I recently added to my description to watch out for hackers selling hacked items on the market but that doesn’t mean we do that :confused: we have only positive reviews and had no problems with any customer before

I followed ACNH & Pokemon S&H on Gameflip I have a hunch I know who you are. I am not going to call you out since it’s a public forum but you know gameflip is right. Inb4 “it wasn’t me, it was my brother/sister/another family member”. Out of the threads I’ve read a lot suspension, people who break Gameflip guideline bring their family involve into their excuse.

It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of positive review, if you went against Gameflip guidelines, they will put their foot down.

You’ll have to speak to support team about your earning, see if they guide or help you with cashing out your wallet. Good luck man…

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