DunnBiscut I need answers

I got suspended I know why we talked but I spent so much time and money on that app.I spend $50 buying Xbox cards to sell I didn’t even get to use the money yet.I pm u but u don’t respond.I want answers please is there a way u can unlift the ban I spent $50 to get money please I’m a kid it’s hard to get money since we can’t work for it.Please help me DunnBiscut.If u can’t then thank u for taking ur time on this…goodbye gameflip u brought happiness to me once…Goodbye.

I hope u understand why I don’t wanna give up…I don’t wanna lose my money I spent to get currency to buy from ur app

The moderator already answered you.

Your account was permanently suspended due to it being an alternate account from one that was asking users to rate first before sending the complete PSN code.