Error in Connecting with Steam

Help! I’ve been receiving this message when I click buy a dota 2 item and then it lead me to a pop-up where it will connect to steam. However, every time it tries to connect to steam, it always fails and gives this message

Have you already connected that Steam account to another Gameflip account?

This is the flow of Steam connect:

  1. Gameflip asks you to connect to Steam.
  2. You click “Connect”
  3. Popup shows up viewing the Steam signin webpage
  4. You signin to Steam through that popup
  5. Popup closes
  6. Gameflip website shows a success or error message

At which step did your screenshot appear?

You could try signing out and in again on Gameflip and doing the Steam Connect in the Settings page. If a moderator can hep you they’ll need your invite code.

It appears when I click “Connect”. I tried signing out and in multiple times and different browsers as well. This is my only gameflip account.e

The Steam connect feature is also available on the Android and iOS app. Click on Sell on the app, choose CSGO and it will ask you to connect your account with Steam. If successful you will be able to buy the Dota 2 item on the website without being asked to connect again (try relogging on the website first). If you see an error on the app, please screenshot it.