False chargebacks from BOACOMPRA - Why are the users paying for this?


Although I am already in contact with MajorTom, I would like to open this thread for those who were affected by BOACOMPRA’s decisions, apparently the payment processor has requested a series of cancellations or refunds to Gameflip, when I contacted them they flatly denied it and asked for more information about this issue.

I am raising this thread because I understand that this error impacted several users that use this payment processor and all had their accounts banned.

I would like to make it clear that I have not asked for any refund and I have not received any money in my account (in case BOACOMPRA has asked for a refund, they should return the money to my bank account, right? )

I understand it may be a misunderstanding but users are paying for BOACOMPRA’s poor organization, I have my account banned with funds and I don’t even have a complaint from any of my buyers.

I fully trust the Gameflip team, who have helped me before and I make it clear that I love the platform, this complaint is entirely against the way BOACOMPRA is handled.


Totally agree with you, I have the same problem.
I have reached Boacompra without any Information from Gameflip Transation ID rejected/claimed. I asked them by chat to generate an email/Report to me and Gameflip team confirming that my account was up to date, that I did not claim anything and that I was not a risk customer.


Hello, I am with exactly the same problem, I am a seller with more than 120 sales and without any negative feedback, however yesterday my account was banned with more than 800usd inside for no reason or reason apparently, only the chargeback legend, gameflip did not give me No notification in this regard while I continue to wait for my account to be enabled before taking legal action against the company, I am a retail reseller so these funds mean months of profit for me, I repeat I had no complaints about my products I do not understand what happens here or If this turned into a scam, I would ask you to please communicate if there is any news or resolution about your case


Hello everybody!

For those who were banned due to issues with Boa Compra, and your account is still banned for chargeback, please DM me so I can further check it for you.

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