Family member purchased 3 gift cards that had auto delivery and it hasn't delivered yet.


Why am I under review

If gameflip have any issues they will email you.
Be careful with people acting like gameflip staff in comments.

Gameflip will never post things in comments

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Alright, so I’ll just buy it for him instead. Any idea if the refund is instant as it is under review or will the refund take some time?


normally depends on bank


Rufund take time to go back into your bank account.
Can take up to 3 to 10 days.

Being its it’s under review mean once it go thought you will get your code.

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look at the link @CidxLucy posted it answers a lot of your questions


This is a very good link Here
You can type in any question you want and get a answer.

If you have any issues or question you cant find the answer just simple post it and you may get a answer.

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thank you for both your time and help! It was really useful!


Just keep a eye on your Notification tap.

Remember to never rate someone into you verify the code works on your account. Dont rate regless if the buying ask you or sweet talks you only after using the code.

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