Family member purchased 3 gift cards that had auto delivery and it hasn't delivered yet.


His invite code is : YRHSQW

He just created his account as well but has verified his email and his phone number.
When will the order go through my dad believes he just got scammed but I’ve bought from this site and the seller before.


Auto delivery normal takes a few seconds to a minute.
If its auto delivery check the email or your notification tab that link to the account the code should be there


You can go to purchase tab of the site or app and click the item it should show you the code.

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It has been 2 hours and he has checked both his email, his spam, and on the website he clicked on purchases and clicked on the item but there is no key or code.


You can’t have 2 emails on 1 account. You can only have one.
Go Here and check qhat email it would be send too

If you’re using the site please go to the notification tab Here
You should see something like this

You can click it and it will show the code.

Qhen you go to the purchase tab Here it does not say under review does it?

Can you link the item you bought?


No my dad created his own account. He hasn’t received a notification as shown.


When clicking on the purchase it says it is pending


If you go to the purchase page and click the item at the bottom does it say under review?


Well you said he has a new account. He will need to verify payment. There should be an email that was sent to the email on the account that has information on what he needs to do.


Sorry for butting in.


He just checked his email. He says there is no verification payment email.


No need to apologize. Regardless who help this user I will be happy.

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Can you go to the purchase page and click the item and go to the bottom.

Do you see a big red box saying its under review?


Then they have to verify it. Since it’s a new account. First purchases will be under review after these purchases he should not have an issue. It is also better if he verifies his account fully and become a certified member.


He just clicked on it and he now sees the under review box on the purchase page but no email. Does he just wait?


If you purchase is under review, it may take 48 hours to complete.

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Ok, but there is no need to send any information over unless emailed right?


Correct if they need more info they will email him.


Alright thank you so much!


sorry one more quick question. If he cancels does the order go back for sale immediately? I have verified info and I’m thinking of buying it for him instead to be quicker.


Yea but if he want to buy again the process will take longer.