Far Cry 5 - Gift2Cards - Scamer - Read Descrpition

Don’t buy games from this user, he will send u game as gift, then he will revoke game back, and u will lost money as I did.
All proofs in post below, because I can’t put more then 2 links in a post.


Also, I want my money back.

Transaction id and my invite code I can send in private message to the moderator of forum so u can help me.

Thanks! I’ll check it shortly.

How long does I have to wait u ban him and give my money back?

I attached a lots of screenshot and I’m waiting for yor response and my money to bring back in my wallet.

He scam continuously every day people.

Here u can see in comments all people that he scamed: https://gameflip.com/item/far-cry-5-gift2cards-scamer-read-descrpition/73061ff8-a63f-4f47-9ac2-4c43cfe4445b

Gameflip your services is terible, u cant answer on my ticket already 2 days. That scamer sell tons of games every day and he scam people. U are gameflip an untrustable services.

Il request all money that I give u through paypal service. All will know what happening here…no one will buy anything on gameflip.

so, can someone help me at least… 5 days after?

i bought pubg for 15$ from this guy, he revoked it 3 days later

Open tickets might take over some days to get answered.

Please send me a PM, if you haven’t done so already, or reply yo the one you already sent, so I can properly check your ticket.


And what with me?

@DunnBiscuit, start doing something please!

@DunnBiscuit, its time to help us!? What should we give u to u to do something?

@DunnBiscuit, I don’t know what are u thinking, start helping or it wont finish good, trust me.

You are the one he replied to directly, kuukimon. Did you ever send him the PM he requested? It’s not likely he’s even on at this time. Also, threats will just get you banned.

I wont DIE about 27$, but I will do ANYTHING to stop you.


Whoa! I asked him to send me a PM and he answered like that?

Well. I’ll check my PM shortly. I’ll see if he sent me one.


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Scamer just opened new account…

Pls report him.