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Can u start doing something ore what?

I posted offer with his account and all screenshots, also u can see comments of a lots people that he scamed… start doing something GAMEFLIP SUPPORT!!!

I posted u in private message all info, I posted in support ticket at least 30 screenshots or proof.

Refund me… how long I should wait u to do something???

U will lose a lot of users, I will make incredible PR about gameflip and his scamers… no one will come back or new one. TRUST ME.

Best regards

Spamming won’t help you and fake threats from “Google team” will just get your account banned. You and the others posting on that topic, including pedja, seem pretty clueless. You blame the verified seller system you don’t understand and then try to say the scammer and admin are the same person. It’s ridiculous.

It’s not uncommon for it to take a week to two to review a complicated case (as I imagine this one is with over “30 screenshots or proof”. I think I’ve had some take over a month.
Despite all this posting you’ve provided very little solid evidence. If anyone else is looking for a great way to slow down a dispute, waste time, and get your account banned… this is it.


I wont DIE about 27$, but I will do ANYTHING to stop you.


Hey, 000,

I’m not sure what I’m clueless about? Please, try to explain it to me. Or better not, I’m pretty familiar with the system here.

So yeah, I blame that system (verified badge), because it’s misleading for new costumers. If I’m new to this site, I’ll buy from someone who has this badge given by site I’m buying at. I don’t remember I ever said Gameflip are scammers, they just need to put some restrictions to those badges so scammers can’t have it anymore. Also is pointless that users with zero feedback have this badge.

And about this guy, it’s obvious that he scammed few users and it’s a shame he isn’t punished already. That’s all. You said that this case can take over a month? Well, change the system then. Prevent sellers with high ratio of disputes opened to sell. This guy can scam hundreds of people before first reaction by Gameflip.

Google team xD that funny.

Of course Gameflip.

We have detected an activity on your account that violates of our Terms of Service: Your listings have been removed. Creating listings with “scammer reports” are forbidden on Gameflip. Doing it again will lead to an account suspension. If you have any problems regarding those sellers, please contact us directly.

And scamer can free post scamer offers.

Good job. :smiley:

“So yeah, I blame that system (verified badge), because it’s misleading for new costumers.”

That’s what you are clueless about. You also posted a bunch of other inaccurate speculation on how the system works before someone had to explain it to you but the item it was all posted on is gone now. I’m not sure how it’s misleading when you can click on it and get a description “In order to receive the ID Verified Badge to your profile, you have to apply documents for ID Verification.” Seems pretty clear unless you can’t read.

It seems like the guy lost $27 which isn’t a big scam at all. Now he’s threatening others, making things up and lying. He’s also spamming poorly typed out “warnings” that no one understands and continuing to act like a child. I should have take a screenshot of where he claims the admin and scammer are the same person. It’s no wonder no progress is being made in this case.

They have been constantly changing and adapting the feedback/rating/dispute system based good feedback. Sometimes it takes a month in order to contact service providers (Steam, Xbox, etc.) and let all parties respond. Let’s not get that confused with a child spamming the forums, posts, and being an idiot in general. The changes you suggest will just slow down the system for buyers and sellers without adding any real protection. The high ratio of disuptes wouldn’t matter if he charged back after being rated as is the case here. I was embarrassed for you when I saw you hopping on this train, pedja.

It’s actually not even obvious he scammed anyone because this guy has been ranting and raving rather than just sharing some proof. (Did I mention he tried to accuse DunnBiscuit of being the scammer, what an idiot!) Instead of sharing 30 screenshots that don’t matter why doesn’t he just send the ones they actually need to rule on the case? It’s usually just 2. Hmm, should he privately contact support like they requested or try to threaten them as the Google team? Maybe it’s taking longer because they have to reply to all of his threads here and remove the 20 spam listings he created.


GOOGLE TEAM :rofl::grin::crazy_face:

“That’s what you are clueless about”… I still can’t see what I’m clueless about. System is bad, not everyone wants to read badge explanation by clicking “read more” if they just want to buy. If you click on the badge you see only “This profile has been verified by Gameflip”. That’s not good explanation and it’s not something that’s good for Gameflip itself if their verification stands for scammer like in this case. Now you try to be someone who is, not capable to read, but to understand what I’m talking about.

And no, I’m not supporting OP’s ways for obtaining justice, but Gameflip needs to react faster if more buyers are probably going to be scammed.

Also, I don’t care about bans or anything else. Ill keep going blame GAMEFLIP community and all those scamers.

Is reading that hard though? It’s one sentence. Maybe that’s why people are getting scammed so easily on here. It’s also not uncommon to have something that displays when a user/profile has provided certain verifications such as email, phone number or ID. The site also displays how long they have been a member and their feedback score right underneath the verified area which can be used to gauge a sellers credibility. In the end though none of this would impact this case.

Hello guys.

I this case I need to agree with @000. We are always trying to improve our system, regardless of the “area”. We want to provide everyone the best marketplace experience fthere is. But the users need to collaborate as well. We have FAQ, ToS, Guidelines that users don’t read at all, and they end having a bad experience due to that.

So, is reading a badge that hard? I think not. Users that have that badge sent their documents and were approved by our team, there is no misleading here whatsoever. They are legit whether they have 0,5 or 1000 ratings. But of course, we sill keep an eye on them.

IMO, all users buyers/sellers/enthusiasts should read our FAQ/ToS/Guidelines in order to have the best experience within the Marketplace.

It is like a game. When you starte palying something, you will learn every aspect of the game so you can have the best expecrience, right? Here you should do the same.

About @kuuukimon, I’ll see if he sent me a PM so I can see what I can do for him and yes, if the spam diminishes, I can spend more time answering users that really need help.

Thank you.


Heya, besides the PM I sent you regarding my ticket and the needed refund, I noticed my verification badge doesn’t show up on my profile, how do I go about getting that fixed?

@DunnBiscuit, Ive sent u more then 1 PM… so… 3 days before. Anyway… support is terrible.