Favorite Horror Game?

With Halloween right around the corner, I wanted to know some of your favorite horror games that you’ve played? Personally, Silent Hill will always be my favorite! RIP Silent Hills :disappointed_relieved:

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Amnesia The Dark Descent, it’s so good :relieved:

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Ah yeah, I’ve actually never played it cause everyone has said it was too scary haha

I played I think all the horror games you can name,
and I can say that Silent Hills was one of the only games that really scared me the most.
The best game (or demo) of horror in the world, or at least the only one that scares.

Probably a series of outlast. This game gave unforgettable emotions for me.

I hate horror games, I wish they never existed :stuck_out_tongue: but I understand how it may be appealing to most players.

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resident evil 7

just dota-2

Silent Hill and Doom. I’m not a fan of horror games, but sometimes I can play.

I’ve never really liked the Silent Hill franchise @OP. I understand why people do.

Top 5 horror games in no particular order.

Residen Evil -7

Resident Evil - Village

Dying light.

Resident evil 2, & 3


I know most are mainstream. I left of out Visage and most run hide or die games. I like to fight back.

Resident evil village and Outlast <3

The original Dead Rising game :smiley:

Darkwood is a masterpiece game. Easily one of the greatest games I’ve played this year.Kinda reminds me of Scary Stories books.

Resident Evil 7