Feedback about the increase of trafic on digital items and slow payment


I’m new here because I discovered the forum with the recent traffic in digital item section of gameflip. I’m pretty new on gameflip (I registred in march) But I have more than 6900 sucessfull trade on gameflip and a featured store.

I want to share my feedback (apologies, english isn"t my mother language).

1st I woke up and saw, “woaw I sold a lot of item tonigjt” let’s make a cash out, instant cash out perfect!! then I put other item online, and sold 50 item in less than 5 minutes. I tried to withdraw money again because I don"t like too have too much money online, But the cash out never arrive on my paypal account, So I felt a little scared, because it was an exceptionnal situation…

I asked other seller if they knew what was happening, and they all answered me that they didn"t know. So I started to panic, thinking that maybe someone hacked gameflip, and was able to add fictive money on his account (it’s just numbers in a database… so…) maybe they bought so much item that gameflip is broke?

I take the decision to withdraw all my item from gameflip, even if I had the possibility to earn a lot of money… it was not an easy decision. But I was affraid that gamflip has to close, or be close by FBI for inspection or something and I lost all my item… It can take years to grow a nice inventory for some people.

The problem was that I stayed online asking other seller what they think they will do… some were like me and stopped activities, other said that they still selling.

I feld so lonely, I wish I could have a contact from gameflip on skype or somewhere, where I could ask question… I mean, I have a featured store, so I think that I need a VIP support.

Someone in our discussion created a topic on this forum, so I registred… I had to wait half a day to have an answer about the situation ‘all is fine, keep selling’

I sold my knife really fast, In less than 10 minutes I made near than $1000, I was like “do you think it is normal that someone spend so much money so fast…” maybe that this buyer spend $100k

So I thought that maybe I’ll never be able to receive my money, I panicked and bought a ton of little overpriced item, just to convert the (potential fake) money, into stuff in my inventory that I could be able to sell somewhere if gameflip crash.

So I think I lost money with this operation. Because I lost all my confidence into gameflip… lots of seller started asking “Why my money is locked?”, etc…

Even if staff said that they have to deal with a lot of withdraw request I still doubted…

Now my money is here, one the one hand, I’m happy, my money is here, I’ll be able to sell again here. On the other hand, if I had a better communication with gameflip, I’ll be able to make a lot of profit, maybe buy a ferrari or something xD

I’m sad that the gameflip image falled a lot to me there days. Now All is fine, and I’m back to sell here again.

I just had a lot of doubt… I know that I’m not the only one… Please add a VIP support for Big sellers (I sell around 1000 item every month)

And you were close to see me leaving your plateform. It’s not in your interest and in mine that this happen. Anyway Thank you Op_joker for answering our question on the forum, I know the delay was due to different time zone, when it’s morning in my country, people are still sleeping in the USA.

Thank you for reading me. see you on gameflip guys.

Nice post dude. gl

I wait for 4 days to receive my money

GL to us sellers!

Hey @woody_henry, whenever you need to contact us, please just send a PM, it is the faster way to check your message and answer you.

Please, feel free to contact me whenever you need, or op_Joker as well.

Thank you.

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I wrote to you 17 hours ago. :upside_down_face: