im going to report gameflip!!!

I have 600$ from my earnings listings, I have used one credit card but it was declined, (my earnings i earned them before to use this card.) so after that I contacted gameflip and they said we can’t do anything and I can’t cashout my money.

I don’t want to use this account or this site, but at least give me my money, it’s mine and I have all the right to cashout it.

I have many times contacted them and they don’t help even they don’t answer.

If I don’t receive any money I will report to FTC and I will take all the proofs with me.

FTC won’t do anything if you broke the rules and sold something prohibited

what is FTC ?

Federal Trade Commission

I recommend you try PayPal. Open an account and then withdraw. Funny i also had a problem trying to withdraw to my credit card. It’s a sketchy site to say the least. Does anyone know where their business is registered? By the way add me on Xbox MadDog GIO. Id love to have your contact info in case I need it in court

1)seller listed
2)I bought
3)seller immediately puts delivered and lies about being away
4)stops answering me. I report to Gameflip same day and have done so everyday
5)they finally answer multiple days later but don’t fix anything yet
6)on exactly the third day, funds are released to seller. I’m still waiting for Gameflip conclusion.

I have been buying and selling on Gameflip for over a year now. I have spent hundreds and made thousand without any trouble withdrawing. Normally when someone is experiencing a problem, it is because they are either:

  1. Doing something illegal (using a credit card/payment account that isn’t theirs and can’t prove onwership)

  2. A payment or digital item is revoked due to suspicious activity

  3. You try to scam a buyer / community member by asking them to rate you first or try to lure them off Gameflip for whatever reason.

  4. Other miscellaneous actions that are clearly outlined in the Gameflip FAQ and user guidelines as prohibited action/conduct.

@MadDog Why didn’t you put the transaction on hold? After a seller marks an item as delivered, the delivery timer begins the 3 day count down. As you were trying to contact Gameflip, you should have put the transaction on hold. On your order page, there is an option that lets you do that. If you don’t do that, you are basically saying everything is fine.

I looked over the page many times and there wasn’t an option that said that. There was an option to accept the item, and another to complain about the item I received. It shouldn’t be about finding a button, there are already many ways consumers get scammed. I’m 27 and I looked over the order page multiple times, I also have 40 something transactions. When I messaged support within two hours they should have done something, they had 72 hours!

And nice one calling the consumers frauds…my credit card is legit and the only message I received was “your credit card transaction didn’t go through”. Not enough info, it also took 5 DAYS to receive that rejection. Another thing, the 2% fees were still lost. So when I withdrew to my PayPal I lost an extra 2%.

I sent this ticket on September 9th. It took them over 48 hours to reply “is this resolved? Please let us know” No one explained in detail if I could block the transaction or how. I answered that email by the way within 4 hours and I said “it hasn’t been resolved, he HASNT delivered”.

Then ANOTHER 14 hours went by without any help, and the funds were released.

This clearly states that it’s a problem with an item received, that’s not helpful for people that are getting scammed. If you read it without being a Gameflip fanatic and just as a neutral person, I’m sure you can agree that there is no option for people that didn’t even receive an item, the seller is just blatantly lying in hope of the 3 days passing. I believe this should be clear for a company making so much money and only growing bigger. The consumer needs specific instructions. Before this happening to me I’m sure I would’ve defended Gameflip, but I had to message them and way several days to NOT be helped? I even mentioned the word scam in my first message to support, which was within two hours of the purchase.

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where can we report them? i agree on you 100 percent they are a scummy website. the customer service is awful

I’m currently in a similar situation where they are holding $200 from me.