Filters glitch for minimum price custom search range

Hello everyone,

I was looking for a way to contact whoever manages the website to request a small fix.

In the search filters, under price, you can select custom price range, and enter the amount.
However, right now the minimum amount has to be 1, which is an issue. There are items available for less than $1, and so it excludes those listings.

Is there a way they can update the filter to allow for searching for a minimum of 0, or 0.01, so the results properly include items listed for less than $1.

Thank you, & if anyone knows who to contact about this, your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s a screen shot

You could put max price of 1 and then change it so it lists lowest price first. But if you’re wanting something thats not 75 cents, but more like 85 cents or so, I can see where you are going with this and it would be nice.

The filter is in dollars only because the minimum sell price is $0.75, pretty close to a whole dollar. So like MadMan said, just put min:0 max:1 and press Enter on the filter. If you really want lower than $1 dollar then click on the address bar URL and change the 100 you see to 85 for example.

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