Fortnite - Trade Channel (API Spam Posts 24/7 every 30s)

At the moment Fortnite Trade Channel looks like some parody.
Three first pages are blocked and from four a few peoples all the time using API 24/7 and spamming new posts every 30s.
Noone can make new post and even see it because is so much spam.
Noone restricrions, just infinite spam.
This is pathetic and should be baned.


that is true, fortnite section is so ruined cuz of the API spammers there is a certain sellers they are working together to destroy this section they are spamming 24/7 non stop spamming and many other sellers actually is following them now by their own method this are the profiles of this main spammers :

this guys actually are working togther they are coping each other on every thing they are spamming 24/7 non stop and if u checked their status they are always AFK or offline while they still keep posting their items over and over, this is photos now of fortnite section when u open it right now :

and that is only when u set ur searching filter to (relevance) but also when i set to (most recent) i get this results :

somthing else about this two sellers they are working to together not only for dominating the section with their spam but also they work together to exploting the credit system, there is promotion going on right now for buying and selling and those two bought and sold to them selves to Exploit the credit system here is a proof :

for all mods please take care of this Situation
please beware that after this post those guys might delete their posts to avoid the situation but u should know if they did so.

At the moment spamers is more because other sellers making the same…and now from 2 is 5 or more …
and it was because 2 idiots started spam all the time ( they are 90% time offline or afk…)
Reporting this since a week by other people give total 0
Sould be some restriction on making a few new post per h or API should be blocked.

This parody should be again in a few h when all sellers will be online and again wll be infinite spam new posts.

here another one of the heavy spammers, spams straight over 20 pages non stop same items over and over
profile :

and here its what its looks like when he start spamming

this two sellers are competing now who is going to spam more, mods must do something about it.


Thanks for lettings us know. We have sent a warning to these users and will keep an eye for further violatiions.


A few other seller still using API to making new posts every
For this just need refres a few times first page (my bad 2 page, first is stil stuck by spamer)
But this 3 was God of Spam.

once again after few days of this post this seller dont care about anything and keep spamming insanely, fortnite section is so missed up cuz of him can someone check about him or somthing, he using the API like a crazy he posts 3 times of the same items over and over for over 20+ pages straight every 30 mins - 1 hour, that is his profile :

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