Seller Spamming 80 plus listing in matter of 5 mins!

This seller is spamming 80 plus listings within 5 mins time via API. He does this every half hour all through out the day, I’ve reported many times but nothing has been done about this seller
When he is doing his daily spam nobody else can be seen on the browse page.

I understand people have a lot to sell but nobody should be spamming 80 plus listings in under 5 mins. That’s just ridiculous.

I’ve included screenshots with times stamps of listings.
Can somebody please look into this

here is the sellers profile link:

@DunnBiscuit @MajorTom @DarkKnight

@MajorTom @DarkKnight another post about the same user

Absolutely insane. You guys really need to limit api use or make new rules if its going to be open to everyone

im glade someone mentioned it, in game items are totally chaos because of the API spammers lazy sellers, fortnite section are full with this guys for too long now and no mods doing anything about it, this sellers spamming pages over pages with the same item over and over and now they are actually competing each other on who spam more to stay on the top page, please to all mods must keep your eyes on the website for such activities.
here is an example of what is going on right now on fortnite section :


@DarkKnight @MajorTom @DunnBiscuit @op_JOkEr

This is very true, this seller has been abusing API and no one else has had any chance. Wether its in game items or progress help, this person has ruined whole of gameflip for everyone. Aside from spamming, this seller consistently abuses anything he can, He has changed names and what not. There surely needs to be some check n balance

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Hey everyone, I have answered here:

God Speed! :trident:

Sent you DM with my trouble with ticket number.

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hi everyone , ray market is here
i appreciate every single one of you guys and the time you spent working on this case
and i just wanted to share gameflip’s reply about these false reports from other sellers
also wanted to explain to you guys that what you see , is listing of lots of kinds of mats and items not only one type of them , to be determind as spam , proudly i’m selling almost every single type of mats and items in STW and handling this business really good and all orders are delivered (they are not fake)
and because of the huge demand on my listings i had to post them each hour which is common thing here on gameflip as i see small (sunbeam only) sellers are doing each hour , so it would be normal thing for big shops with almost 3k sold listings each month to do
and would love to clarify something to the guy who thinks i’m posting each 5 minutes that my listing time would take more than 10 minutes to list all of these kinds of mats and items , and what you saw in this period of time is just different listing of different kind of mats or different amount (not the same listing over and over)

here a screenshot from gameflip’s email i received yesterday telling me that nothing wrong with what i do and they ask me to disregard the warning i got earlier

wish you all guys happy holidays and merry christmass