Game Flip App Reliability

Is this website really giving away games on a raffle or am I just wasting my time?

It’s really giving away stuff in a raffle though Raffle copter. People have been getting stuff for several months now actually.

Yes they really do giveaway tons of stuff. I have recently won the Rainbow 6 siege game for xbox one. ( just waiting for it to ship and come to me.)
Also They do a lot more stuff to random FLASH SALE promos or other cash back promos so spend $10 get up to $10 back its basically getting 2 games for the price of 1 or ( 1 free game/Item.)
So its a great app to be apart of.
still surprises me how they have the limit for 100 buyers and it takes hours to get all 100 or there is like 20 or so left i’m like wow, with all the app downloads why aren’t people taking advantage of this deal? i take full advantage of the promotions its great.