Gameflip Banned my account but I still have money on my account? Scam site

We need withdraw money and never sell on gameflip

Yes I see it … :frowning:

There should be a reason… why they banned You

GF said me suspicious or fraudulent activity bro? and take my money :)))

for no reason right …

They not rep me? scam site !

Hello Yen_My,

I you didn’t do anything wrong, we wouldn’t have banned you :wink:

Just checked here and you were banned for selling fake/invalid codes to various users.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to lift the suspension so you could do a payout for this suspension reason.

:trident: New forum moderators!


I lost money? please let me witdraw my money, I can’t lose that money. That’s not my money, my money is only 10% of it, If you take my money. I will be in debt. please banned my account but don’t take my money

selling fake/invalid codes ?? but I have 95% is good vote

Hello Gameflip, if you ban me for selling fake/invalid codes reason. I’m pretty sure you are wrong and I’m ready to provide additional information to prove that.

Beside, I would like to see from you some evidences to prove my codes are fake or not working.

I’m a trusted seller, you can see my good vote rating. I’ve always serve your users as much as I can. Please contact me about this issue and working with me in this case. Thank you.

well most game codes often get cancelled after month or so,so those guys have no chance of taking back rating,that why u got ratings i guess if he confirms that u were involved in fraudlent activity

I guess that “money” will be refunded to buyers, which is right thing to do.


But I have not scam buyer? u understand ?

Which type of codes you have been selling before the suspension. Gift cards, Games, Subscriptions (Xbox Gold, PSN Plus etc etc) ?

View my profile please


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You are a scammer.

omg I have ~ 2000 in my account bro

Scam? but I still have good vote 97%

I need withdraw money @DarkKnight

where admin?

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