Gameflip Compete - Rocket Cup #1

Hey Flippers!

As you are aware, recently Gameflip launched Gameflip Compete, a fantastic way to score a few extra bucks sharing your gaming skills with others. In the off chance you are still not aware of it, please check it over here:

And we thought there was no better way to start this awesome new period than with a healthy competition that anyone can join!

So today we’re announcing the Gameflip Compete Rocket Cup #1

It’s a Rocket League tournament that will be held on May 30, open to all platforms, and held on the US-East region, with a prize pool of $300.

All you need to do is follow the steps below:

On the tournament day, please follow these guidelines to make sure everything runs smoothly:

We truly hope you all have lots of fun on this tourney!

Some useful links: Rocket Cup #1 Tourney Page / Discord Server

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