Gameflip is like the girlfriend U didnt want... but needed

Lol. I love gamgeflip heavy, hell without gameflip some of my bills wouldnt have been paid tbh!!!.. But sometimes gameflip feels like that gf u didnt want, but kept around anyways… Like I dont wanna work so hard for 2$ but we end up grinding for them 2$ anyways. Idek what this post is about other than roasting gameflip lol. Gameflip is like the mom we never had lol… borrow 20 bucks ill pay it back later lol… I love gameflip lol.

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the REALEST review u cud ever put on ur resume. ^^^^^

Pretty funny review. hahahah

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Impressive :rofl::laughing::muscle:

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Figured Id throw some comedy on the forums for you guys :slight_smile:

I love gameflip but some of its consumers are toxic one wrong word n they make extreme thrives to get you banned. What they say to u is fine but when u defend yourself it’s over

give an example