Gameflip Lose Sellers and Buyers

As i notice Gameflip loses a lot of sellers and buyers… I am on Dota 2 section and notice sales have been low now… I think the main reason is the Payout!

Well, if sellers doesnt got paid, they cant re-invest. Same here. I can’t add more skins for now, when i have no money to buy them.

this problem is temporary… everything is ok when the team finish the work :slight_smile:

Well, temporary i’m not able to add any skin.

Same… I stopped trade …

Hey guys as you know, we are working to complete the payouts as soon as possible.

Soon we will have a marketplace full of skins, games, gift cards again.

If you guys any help, please contact me via PM.

@DunnBiscuit But you are not answering PM :frowning:

I’ll answer them soon

I just finished checking the new posts (we had a lot of them).

okay :wink: take your time