Hello ! New seller.

Hey guys.

I’m a long time skin seller/buyer and now im coming to GameFlip.
I would like to hear from anyone how is the actual demmand of the website, dota2 skins, csgo skins, h1z1 skins, if there are buyers to good price steam games too.

Thank you a lot !

Good luck mate! I also started here about a week ago. I selled 7 items. Two buyers tried to scam me. Beware!

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Thanks for replying. What are you selling ?

Hey there and welcome to Gameflip. I would strongly suggest going over the Gameflip Selling Guidelines before diving into it if you haven’t already. Unfortunately people will definitely try to scam you so you should brush up on how everything works to avoid that. As for demand I can’t speak on the behalf of the skins side of Gameflip but I’ve totaled over 1,000 transactions in about a month and a half in the Fortnite section, so there is definitely traffic on this site. I wish you the best of luck selling here!

Wow, insane !
Thanks for the reply. I will take a read there.
How is fortnite economy going ? I’ve been on steam markets since 2k14 but never went out of it. Good to see other games picking up steem into virtual goods.

Its fairly healthy and competitive. I suspect it’ll be even better when the game finally goes FTP.

I’m selling Xbox, PSN, Nintendo and iTunes cards

But how trading works on fortnite ?

Everything is coordinated manually. You exchange usernames and meet up in-game to give or receive your item.