Gameflip platinum subscription not working

Hello gameflip,

I just buy platinum subsciption but not working for me. My account cant get the platinum speciality otherwise the balance from my wallet is dropped. The platinum is valid for month. I have sent message to moderator and has been wasting for two days since last purchased. I receive no response yet from gameflip team. Hmmm…

My invite code TU4K4T

I hope they can improve and speed up giving response to all users because gameflip team lack in this feature.

hey, for this you need to contact us at


More waiting days…

Thanks for contacting Gameflip Support. Your request (196461) has been received.
To add any additional information, please reply to this email.

Due to a recent influx of user requests, the average response time of a new ticket is from 2 to 4 business days.

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