platinum Subscription not working

Help I have subscribed for gameflip gold membership almost a week ago and sale cap limit reached so today I resubscribed for the platinum membership and the money 10$ has been taken From my Wallet but the subscription isn’t active :frowning: can some help me plz my invite code is U5BW79 @DunnBiscuit @op_JOkEr

On is the “Buy Now” button for Platinum grayed out? If so then the subscription is active. Note that Platinum subscription is for Steam bot tradable games like CSGO, DOTA2, TF2. The “Everything Else” adds up to the regular 10% fee, so if you’re just selling Rocket League or gift cards then the Platinum subscription won’t help for those.

The button is grey but the subscription still not working :confused: I tried for rocket league and the fee with delivery fee is 3$

Read the description for Platinum again

The subscription only works for games that use Steam bot trading. You should not have bought it if you are just selling Rocket League.

IM not selling rocket league I’m selling games codes

Please read the description for the platinum subscription again:

“Sell your skins using the Gameflip Bot as delivery method to get 4.5% commission with the Platinum subscription. Includes all games that support the Gameflip Bot such as CS:GO, PUBG, Dota 2 and more!”

This is for BOT tradeable items only as @galacticarm said.

Since game codes aren’t tradeable by bots, the subscription discounts won’t apply.

Thank you.

Oh damn I thought when it said everything else 2% thought It was about others like games codes etc… anyway is it possible to cancel this sub and refunded back to my wallet since I already had the gold subscription activate when I activated plantium sub ?

Unfortunately not.

Once a sub is purchased, it can’t be refunded unfortunately. You may cancel its auto-renewal though.



Well it was my mistake didn’t read well. thx for replaying :slight_smile: